Our Projects

Learn about our agile operating model, our current projects and how we’re looking to the horizon.

Atlas explores, develops and exports quality Pilbara iron ore like no one else.

We focus on smaller ore bodies and collaborate with contracting partners in a way that adds value for local communities, stakeholders, buyers, partners and government.


Atlas explores, develops and ships in the direct shipping ore (DSO) format, including Atlas Fines and Atlas Lump. We size and blend ore to the required specifications and export as it is mined.

Our operating model is more agile than that of larger iron ore producers as we focus on mines with smaller footprints, which enables us to provide greater benefits for all. We are not driven to win at any cost – instead, we strongly believe in ensuring win-win benefits for local communities, stakeholders, buyers, partners and government.

We operate a contractor versus owner operated model and are proud of our collaboration with our valued partners across our mining, crushing, screening, haulage and port operations. These partners include NRWMACA, Ozland, Primero and East West Pilbara Group, MGM BulkIntertek (laboratory services), Northern Rise Village Services (Camp service provider) and Assetlink.

Our employees and contractors meet and work as one team to deliver our quality iron ore products.

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Following on from our completed Pardoo, Wodgina, Abydos and Mt Dove mines, Atlas has a number of exciting projects underway to meet global demand for our iron ore.

Mt Webber Mine in operation

Mt Webber is situated approximately 230km from the Utah Point stockyard at Port Hedland, with production of approximately 2.8Mtpa.

Mt Webber incorporates two mining areas: Fender and Daltons. Daltons pit is in its final two stages with mining expected to recommence in Fender pit mid-2023.

Mining is staged to blend higher and lower quality ores to a consistent product specification that our customers have grown to expect and quality is improving with depth.

Major contractors on site include NRW, MGM, Qube and NRVS.

Sanjiv Ridge (Previously Corunna Downs) Mine in operation

Sanjiv Ridge, named after Atlas CEO Sanjiv Manchanda, is situated approximately 240 km from the Utah Point stockyard at Port Hedland, with production of approximately 5Mmtpa.  The first ore to port was in February 2021.

This is a multi-pit blending operation with mining currently underway in Runway, Shark Gully and Split Rock pits.

Major contractors on site include MACA Mining, CSI, MGM and AssetLink.

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Miralga Creek Mine in Operation

Miralga mine is an extension of the completed Abydos Mine and is situated approximately 100km from the Utah Point stockyard at Port Hedland, with production of 1.9Mtpa.  The first ore to port was in February 2022.

This operation consists of five satellite pits across three primary locations: Miralga East, Miralga West and Sandtrax.

The project was built by a joint venture that included Indigenous contractor East West Pilbara (EWP) who undertook civil and construction works, as well as being involved in ongoing operations.

Major contractors on site include EWP/Ozland, Primero, MGM and AssetLink


Hancock Prospecting has an active exploration program in a range of commodities and are currently exploring various lithium and other metal opportunities.

McPhee Creek – Undergoing Statutory Approvals and Planning

The McPhee mine site is located in the northeast Pilbara region of WA, approximately 100km north of Roy Hill Mine and 30km north of Nullagine, with an expected production rate of approximately 9.5-9.7 Mwtpa.

Atlas is collaborating with other Hancock Prospecting companies on long-term growth options including the McPhee project.  Primary crushed ore will be hauled via road train from McPhee to Roy Hill for processing, transport to the port and shipping.

FID is expected in mid-2023.

Ridley Magnetite Feasibility Study

The Ridley Magnetite project is an ambitious new undertaking which is 100% owned by Atlas, and is located less than 60km from Port Hedland, within the Makanykarra (formerly Pardoo) project area.

The feasibility study was approved by the board and commenced in March 2022, with expected completion in the second half of 2023.  Stage 1 will consist of a plant with a nominal capacity of 3mtpa (dry) with scope for further staged expansion of up to 16.5mtpa (stage 2).

FID for Stage 1 is expected by the end of 2023.

Mt Bevan Magnetite Pre-Feasibility Study

Mt Bevan is situated 250km north of Kalgoorlie and 100km west of Leonora in the Central Yilgarn region of WA.

The Mt Bevan project is a joint venture with Hancock, Legacy Iron and Hawthorn Resources.  Hancock Magnetite Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of HPPL, has entered an exclusive agreement to earn into the Mt Bevan Project.

Atlas has been appointed as manager of the joint venture, and is conducting the pre-feasibility study.



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