Community Relations

At Atlas, we believe strong relationships with our community stakeholders are a crucial part of our success.

We regularly engage with Aboriginal groups, government departments, non-government organisations, land holders, industry bodies and other key stakeholders to understand their priorities and concerns. We can then maximise the social and economic benefits our operations bring to local communities and minimise any potential negative impacts.

We also look for innovative hands-on ways for our employees to be involved in the community. Once a year, for one day, all Atlas employees down tools, switch off their computers and focus on giving a helping hand to the local community.

Teams of Atlas volunteers have worked with different community organisations like Native Animal Rescue, Activ Foundation, and Care for Hedland, Manna Inc and the Youth Involvement Council in South Hedland.

Our volunteers have achieved great results at previous community days, completing projects such as building a community garden, enclosures for rescued animals, cooking for seniors and painting creative spaces at the Youth Centre in Hedland.