South East Pilbara

Davidson Creek Hub SE Pilbara

The Davidson Creek Hub DSO Project is located 100km east of Newman. Previously referred to as the Jigalong-Ferraus Project, the combined area includes Davidson Creek, Robertson Range (both 100% owned by Atlas) and Jigalong itself, over which Atlas owns 100% of the iron rights.

Davidson Creek Hub is the largest project in Atlas’ South East Pilbara portfolio, containing in excess of 470Mt of Mineral Resources (43.2Mt measured, 339.1Mt indicated and 94Mt inferred). FerrAus Limited conducted systematic exploration at Davidson Creek and Robertson Range from 2005 until its acquisition by Atlas in late 2011, culminating in a draft definitive engineering study completed in December 2011.

Davidson Creek Hub has the potential to underpin any future expansion by Atlas into the south-east Pilbara, should market conditions allow.

McCamey's North

McCamey's North (Atlas 100%) is a significant DSO exploration project located approximately 45km east of Newman and 3km northeast of BHPB's Jimblebar mine.

Early work on the project by Warwick Resources identified a number of areas of high-grade surface iron enrichment within the Boolgeeda Formation. Atlas commenced its first RC exploration program in 2010, and after three rounds of drilling a maiden mineral resource estimate was announced to the market in early 2011.

Western Creek

The Western Creek DSO Project (Atlas 100%) is a group of tenements situated between 15km and 50km west of Newman in the Southeast Pilbara. The project area includes prospects formerly owned by Warwick Resources and Giralia. Highly prospective Marra Mamba Formation hosts two published inferred mineral resources at Western Creek and Western Ridge.