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Hancock Prospecting Pty Ltd launched an off-market takeover bid for Atlas through its wholly-owned subsidiary Redstone Corporation Pty Ltd in June 2018. After securing over 90% of the voting power in Atlas, Redstone initiated a compulsory acquisition process for the remaining shares. Compulsory acquisition was completed on 20 December 2018. Former shareholders are now entitled to claim consideration of 4.6 cents for each share that was compulsorily acquired. For further information, please call the Link Investor Information Line on 1800 095 654 (toll free within Australia) or +61 2 1800 095 654 (from outside Australia) between 8.30am and 7.30pm (Sydney time), Monday to Friday.
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Removal from Official List
Suspension from Official Quotation
KZR: $7M Sale of Snake Well Project
Compulsory acquisition of remaining Atlas shares
Notice of Compulsory Acquisition
September 2018 Quarterly Activities Report
Change in substantial holding
KZR: Kalamazoo consolidates Cork Tree holding
Change in substantial holding
Appendix 3Z

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